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Trustable Passwords works with all web browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome) and across all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) using Flash, no user downloads required.

Uses familiar passwords, so your screens can look and feel the same.

The server-side, where all authentication takes place, is a .Net web service which is easy to integrate using standard calls.

iMagic has flexible licensing plans making implementation affordable.





  • Recognizes people by the way they type ... using typing rhythms
  • Trustable Passwords turns ordinary passwords into strong biometric passwords
  • Passwords become like individual fingerprints, can't be lost or shared
  • Works across different keyboards.  Works where people work.
  • Works in enterprise networks and over the internet
  • SOX & HIPAA compliant strong authentication
  • Users can KEEP their Trustable Passwords - no more churn
  • Fraction of the cost of fingerprint readers or token generators
  • Patented, with multiple additional patents pending


Latest News

Press Release 6/15/2011

iMagic Software Exploring a Sale of the Company

SOLVANG, California—iMagic Software, Inc, developer of Trustable Passwords, has retained an investment banking firm, Nations Media Partners, to coordinate a potential sale of the company.

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Gartner Research

“For the moment, the only ubiquitous 'sensor' is a PC keyboard, which makes typing rhythm - based on measurement of the distinctive timing of and between keystrokes - the only viable biometric technology for 'in band' authentication.”

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Consumer Authentication Report

Patented Technology
iMagic Software granted US Patent 7,206,938 for biometrically authenticating and protecting digital identities via typing rhythms, allowing ordinary passwords to work like fingerprints, and has 4 more major patents pending.
A better paradigm for preventing fraud and identity theft

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